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We can steer you through today’s maze of sustainable design strategies, technologies, industry standards, best practices, and regulations by leveraging a wide range of modelling and analysis services. We can cover all aspects of energy consumption and its impact on and interrelationships with carbon footprint, thermal comfort, daylight, solar and other building performance metrics.

For the full impact of such an analysis service to be realised it should be undertaken right from the very earliest stages of design and then continue throughout the entire process to completion and beyond. We can work with you to incorporate this energy analysis into the entire process, advising you on when and how it should be used to harness its full lowenergy, high-performance power, as well as give feedback on key iterations quickly and efficiently at the relevant level.

We use our powerful virtual environment performance modelling to provide detailed thermal simulations. Our key Advanced Simulation Services are outlined within. Feel free to contact our team for further information or to request a free no obligation quotation.